Welcome to Jupiter Island Trading.  My name is Bob Miller.  You have just entered a store that only deals in the finest Chinese antiquities in the United States.  My research spans across all dynasty periods from Neolithic to present Qing Dynasty with nothing but my personal favorites of my collection to be offered in this store.  The top of the page really says it all.  And, as always, all Jupiter Island residents receive free interior design consultation as well as private viewing appointments and set up of items purchased.  Our number one priority here at Jupiter Island Trading is customer satisfaction.  If, for any reason, you would ever be dissatisfied, there are no problems here...I'd rather keep all the pieces anyway!  Should you have any questions or a need to find a particularly rare piece - especially Kangxi porcelain or magnificent Mastadon ivory sculptures - these are my specialty.  For those of you who take an interest in dZi beads sourced from Tibet to Nepal - I have at least 2 of all beads from one to twenty-one eyes.  Google the "dZi handbook" - this will tell you all of the history behind the miraculous mysterious dZi beads.  For those of you interested in the most beautiful BI DISCS from Hongshan period through Warring States period - my collection spans from two inches in diameter to twelve inches in diameter.  Simply unbelievable!  And for those in need of luck, a diverse collection of old Nephrite jade amulet carvings displaying anything from money coins to dragons chasing pearls to fortune bats to lingzhi to bamboo - the list goes on and on.  For those interested in the finest antique Burma jadeite you have ever laid eyes on, you just found your store!  I'll quit talking now so you can shop....

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me 24 hours a day, seven days a week - I'm here to serve you at all times.


Jupiter Island Trading
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